Hi there, since this is my first post I figured I would tell you a bit about me…
I am a thirty something single mother of two teenagers and a recovering addict. I have had Lupus for 18 years now and so I of course have good days and bad days but try to always look on the bright side of things because if I didnt I am sure I would have lost my marbles long ago. I have experienced joy and great happiness as well as deep grief and tramatic events that have left many therapists speechless. I find humor in many things, sometimes at very inappropriate times and believe wholeheartedly that laughter truely heals. I am a christian, daughter, mother, sister, cousin, aunt, stepsister, granddaughter, ex wife, neighbor and friend but mostly I am just me and although I am far from perfect I pride myself in trying to be kind and supportive to those around me even when my first instinct is to poke them in the eyes. I am blessed to have two amazing children, a loving family, and a few loyal friends. I love to sing, write poetry, read and enjoy the simple things in life and look forward to sharing my journey with you in hopes that it will brighten your day and enrich your lives in ways that are yet to be seen. I hope you all have a great Friday night and will stop back soon. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and spread the love because no matter how awful your day may have been remember that there are always others out there who are going thru worse. Till next time…

A little about me!


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