Chicken Pox Vaccine is Bogus or was for us!



Good Morning and Happy Monday to all! Fall has finally arrived here in Iowa and it’s so refreshing to wake up to the brisk cool air! I’m a hoodie girl and love this time of year!
My 17 year old finally returned to school today after being out for a week with the chicken pox. Yes you read that correctly he had the pox in spite of receiving the immunization as a baby. This is my child who refuses to use public restrooms because he thinks they are full of germs and diseases that you catch just by walking into them. He also of course thinks bathes are like brewing in a pool of your own filth. So last week was very long for us both and oatmeal baths were out of the question! I am a picker and love to pop zits so had to resist holding him down (which would be impossible anyhow being he is bigger than me already) and popping them or playing connect the dots and I spy as they literally appeared in front of my eyes. Poor kid told me he even had them on his ‘ball sack’ which was defined too much information for a mother to hear! Anyhow life is finally getting back to a sense of normal and I am a happy camper once again! Has anyone else had their children get the pox in spite of the vaccination?



About gypsimoone

I am a writer, mother, daughter, sister, and among many other things a friend! I have lived through the deaths of my mother and brother along with many other friends and loved ones and hope that my experiences and lessons learned can help others as many helped me. Thru this blog I will tell my story and allow others into my once highly guarded universe so that they can hopefully gain strength to carry on and share their own stories so they in turn can enlighten others and pay it forward...just a tiny bit of kindness can go a very long way!

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