Forgive Yourself



Grief stricken

Grief stricken (Photo credit: afagen)

I remember before my mom died she grabbed my hand and said “Don’t let yourself hit that brick wall baby!” At the time I had no idea what she was talking about but with hindsight being 20/20 I think I am figuring it out. You see she had known loss and grief early in her life and understood how it could turn one bitter and hard. Also she knew me, her baby, well enough to know that if not carefully supported and lovingly guided thru the cycles of grief, it was very possible that I would spin out of control and eventually self destruct…which for twelve years I did. Not only did I hit that brick wall but then i backed up and rammed it again and again and again until I all but lost consciousness in the process. Now that I’ve come to a new understanding with my spirituality and am embracing life again I find myself having to forgive many people around me but mostly myself and that’s where I’m having the most trouble…so just for today I pray for the courage to forgive myself for all the time I have wasted grieving and the strength needed to forget the past and embrace the future!



About gypsimoone

I am a writer, mother, daughter, sister, and among many other things a friend! I have lived through the deaths of my mother and brother along with many other friends and loved ones and hope that my experiences and lessons learned can help others as many helped me. Thru this blog I will tell my story and allow others into my once highly guarded universe so that they can hopefully gain strength to carry on and share their own stories so they in turn can enlighten others and pay it forward...just a tiny bit of kindness can go a very long way!

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