Little Feat without Uncle Richie


So yes I am a Hayward and grew up with Little Feats music in my soul. My uncle, their founding drummer, lost his fight w cancer two years ago August 12th and it broke our family’s hearts. We who had already been thru so much by losing my mom to pancreatic cancer and my brother four months later because some dumbass didn’t look in the hole before he filled it in on a construction site (yes it really happened and its beyond stupid) and buried him alive w a ten day old baby at home and then my cousin Sevvy got into a very bad car accident leaving him w a case of shaken baby syndrome at 19…have had more than our share of heartache…so for the past decade I thought God just hated me but the music of my childhood along w my children’s faith and love sustained me. Last Wednesday my 14yr old and I went to see Feat play in Iowa City and I am pretty sure that is the last concert of theirs I will ever attend. Not only are they slowing down but they in no way recognized my Uncles tribute to the band. Like w the song Willing after he died Paul always mentioned him and this time there was nothing…a part of my childhood died in that theater Wed and I have decided that old school Feat is all I can take from now on. With Gabe Ford behind the drums its now for me like watching a cover band play my favorite songs and just not quite cutting it! So this is yet another lesson in tolerance for me and time to branch out a bit more musically. I’m really loving the new song by FUN called Some Nights and am gonna keep exploring the newer groups…RIP Uncle Richie and Feat along w you,  I’m sorry but I have to let you both go in order for me to move on.


About gypsimoone

I am a writer, mother, daughter, sister, and among many other things a friend! I have lived through the deaths of my mother and brother along with many other friends and loved ones and hope that my experiences and lessons learned can help others as many helped me. Thru this blog I will tell my story and allow others into my once highly guarded universe so that they can hopefully gain strength to carry on and share their own stories so they in turn can enlighten others and pay it forward...just a tiny bit of kindness can go a very long way!

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