This really touched me and expressed so perfectly what many of us cannot verbalized…Thank you for sharing!


Ah.  Whether this was a wordpress glitch or an oversight on my part, the mother of Jordan’s email showed up just now and allowed me to approve her comment. Earlier tonight, I wrote the post below.


I received an email referencing a comment made here yesterday.  The mother who wrote did not leave an email or website, so I can’t approve the comment.  I am posting it here (below) as evidence that Jordan (age 18) died, that she wrote, and that many of us who’ve lost children simply cannot imagine in the early days, a life after losing our kids.

I remember the early days.  I remember not wanting to get out of bed, to dress, to eat, to laugh, to remember how great it was to be a part of the family I once knew and loved.  I remember doubling over in an agony so deep that I…

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About gypsimoone

I am a writer, mother, daughter, sister, and among many other things a friend! I have lived through the deaths of my mother and brother along with many other friends and loved ones and hope that my experiences and lessons learned can help others as many helped me. Thru this blog I will tell my story and allow others into my once highly guarded universe so that they can hopefully gain strength to carry on and share their own stories so they in turn can enlighten others and pay it forward...just a tiny bit of kindness can go a very long way!

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