Remembering 9/11


Lauren Talks

11 years ago today, America was attacked by the terrorist group Al’Queda. But we were all brought together. Over 3,000 bodies were found. They weren’t just humans they were Heroes  Brothers,Cousins,Sisters,Mothers,Children,Fathers,Husbands,Nephews,Nieces,Grandparents, In-laws, Grandchildren,Friends, ect.

Here is the timeline of this shocking day in American history.

8:46am~Flight 93 hits the North Tower.

9:03am~ Flight 175 crashes into the South Tower.

9:37am~ Flight 77 crashes into The Pentagon.

9:59am~ The South Tower Collapses.

10:07am~ Passengers on Flight 93 take over the hijacked plane. As a result the plane sadly crashes into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania killing 40 people on the plane.

10:28am~The North Tower collapses.

5:20pm~ Seven World Trade Center collapses.

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About gypsimoone

I am a writer, mother, daughter, sister, and among many other things a friend! I have lived through the deaths of my mother and brother along with many other friends and loved ones and hope that my experiences and lessons learned can help others as many helped me. Thru this blog I will tell my story and allow others into my once highly guarded universe so that they can hopefully gain strength to carry on and share their own stories so they in turn can enlighten others and pay it forward...just a tiny bit of kindness can go a very long way!

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