God Given Tools of Survival


Do you ever feel a desperate need to crawl into bed and sleep the day away, even when you havent missed a dose of your anti-depressants, which many Americans are put on by their doctors instead of ever fixing the underlying problem instead… I have noticed that our bodies are very resilient and more in control of ‘the human condition’ than we are aware of, Sleep brings us a sort of peace that is sometimes impossible to find while awake  with a mind thats racing and hearts breaking into a million pieces, just like the numbness that sets in after a trauma, we as humans have a way of subconsciously taking care of ourselves even when on the outside it feels as if we have no idea what the hell we are supposed to be doing! So I say if you need to nap once in awhile to quietly process what life throws your way, grab your wubby, close your eyes and thank God for the built in tools he gave us, to survive this journey and make it thru another day!


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