I have a knack for giving some great advice and I find great satisfaction in helping others so please feel free to vent here and ask any questions you wish. Sometimes getting a strangers point of view is just what you need to solve your own problems! So lay it on me and let me help you to help yourself, trust me I have been thru everything and can take it…OK and GO…

I will instead ask my fellow bloggers some questions I personally am dealing with and see what you all think.

1. I have a 17 year old son and a 15 (in 1 wk} year old daughter and am basically raising them by myself. How do you prevent your children from waking up one day and hating you for the next few years without pushing them away?

2. Because of some bad choices I made in the past I have been out of the dating scene now for over 3 years. I am terrified of internet dating sites and don’t hang out in bars etc. So where the hell are all the worthy eligible bachelors hanging out at? Because it is not the frozen food aisle at your local grocery store!

3. I often hear of people making money working from home off the web but do not want to get a bunch of spam or get suckered in by a pyramid scam. So where does one go to find the legit and legal sites/business that are not a waste of time and money?

And last but not least, for now…

4. What do guys really think about gals who give it up on the first date? I am 37  years old and used to manage a pub so have obviously done it both ways and I, as do many women, really want to know mens view  on this subject, from someone who is not currently trying to get in my pants!


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