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Bad Attitude


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and took it out on my daughter when she had the nerve to ask for a ride to school (as if it’s my job or something. LOL which yes I know it is) and poor thing got her head bit off. As I was stomping like a child to the car my attention was turned towards our neighbors whose morning was also off to a poor start… the Dad was screaming at his 13 year old daughter about how she had stayed up too late the night before and was now going to be late for school unless he gave her a ride which wasn’t HIS job and apparently made her a useless piece of s*** who should go move in with her real father in Florida. This man said things that no child should ever hear much less have directed at them and it broke my heart to witness it! My daughter and I shared a look and jumped into our car right as this girl left her apartment slamming the door behind her. As we rounded the corner we saw her walking so I had Magge roll her window down and asked if she needed a ride, knowing she’d never make it in time by foot. She got into our car and I introduced my daughter and myself , finding out that she was a 13 year old 8th grader who was bright enough to be taking three high school classes. She was crying and told us that she had been up late studying and that the guy was her stepfather and her Mom was too scared of him to stand up for her own daughter. Being a survivor of domestic violence ourselves, Magge and I could relate and by the time we reached the school she was smiliand all her tears were dry. I told my daughter that I loved her and to have a good day and sent the two new friends on their way. As I drove toward home my eyes filled up with tears and I thanked God for my children and their kind loving hearts and for bringing them and myself thru so much as a team. I then prayed for our neighbors and asked God to somehow help the Mother to help herself as I had once done. Later on my cell phone rang and it was the girls Mom. The girl had used my phone on the way to school to tell her Mom not to bother coming to look for her because she’d gotten a ride, anyhow I being who I am, stuck my nose right where it didn’t belong and told this stranger a tiny part of my own story. I told her that as parents it is our job to protect our kids and to teach them to love themselves as well as others and that we are their primary example. Then I told her to call the agency here in town which had not only helped me get out of the abusive environment we were in at the time but offered free counseling for all of us and given us great resources and strength…She cried and thanked me for talking to her and when we hung up the phone I realized that Not only was my bad attitude gone but I had no right to have it in the first place because I am blessed! Sometimes it just takes a change of view to realize how great the spot your currently sitting in is and this morning Mags and I were reminded that ‘us’ at our very worst is a cakewalk compared to some people’s lives…