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A Sons Choice

English: A roll of silver, Scotch brand duct tape.

English: A roll of silver, Scotch brand duct tape. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My son, my pride and joy, my once precious and loving wonderful little boy, is becoming a man right before my eyes and wants to join the military, The National Guard to be exact and I am mortified…

I was in the Navy and remember how many promises were made and broken by our government to a lost litl girl in need of direction. I recall vividly how they take you and do whatever it takes to break you and bottle your spirit. I remember huge cockroaches in the showers and daily humiliation by those superior to the newbies and the homesickness that settled into my gut the moment I got off the bus. I know that he is in need of a purpose and overall direction in life and for his future and the harder that I push him to not make this choice the further away he will pull, so I have no choice but to respect and try to support his decisions as he is almost 18 but as his Mother I really wish I could duct tape him gently to a pole until he changes his mind so that I know my baby is safe. I would feel and water him of course…

He is a very smart, quick whitted young man who can be or do anything he puts his mind too and it just pisses me off that the schools welcome recruiters into their buildings to mindfuck and feed on children who think the only way they can ever go to college and fulfill their dreams is thru the militarys promises of the GI bill. They make them feel that if their parents aren’t loaded or they arent star atheletes with guaranteed scholarships,the only way to ever be able to experience the movie like college dream of parties, girls and straight A’s is to play russian roulette and sign on to be an American hero. They fail to tell them that this wonderful government of ours, if deployed, doesn’t give a shit about them individually or provide the basic essentials needed to survive and get thru your time fully intact whether it be physically or mentally. That you may have to scavage for materials to make their own armor to protect yourself from roadside bombs, rocket propelled missles and suicide attackers that come in all forms even pregnamt women and young kids looking for candy…they fail to disclose alot of these things to their recruits because if they did then no one in their right mind would ever sign on the dotted line…

All I can do at this point is pray for my son to have the wisdom needed to make an informed decision and remember that no matter where life takes my precious litl boy, God has his back! So I am going to do my best to bite my tongue and put this in the Lords hands and try not to lose my mind or my son in the process…

God Bless The USA and please keep us in your prayers as I can only handle so much before I fall and break my newly unveiled, superglued heart of glass…

Little Feat without Uncle Richie


So yes I am a Hayward and grew up with Little Feats music in my soul. My uncle, their founding drummer, lost his fight w cancer two years ago August 12th and it broke our family’s hearts. We who had already been thru so much by losing my mom to pancreatic cancer and my brother four months later because some dumbass didn’t look in the hole before he filled it in on a construction site (yes it really happened and its beyond stupid) and buried him alive w a ten day old baby at home and then my cousin Sevvy got into a very bad car accident leaving him w a case of shaken baby syndrome at 19…have had more than our share of heartache…so for the past decade I thought God just hated me but the music of my childhood along w my children’s faith and love sustained me. Last Wednesday my 14yr old and I went to see Feat play in Iowa City and I am pretty sure that is the last concert of theirs I will ever attend. Not only are they slowing down but they in no way recognized my Uncles tribute to the band. Like w the song Willing after he died Paul always mentioned him and this time there was nothing…a part of my childhood died in that theater Wed and I have decided that old school Feat is all I can take from now on. With Gabe Ford behind the drums its now for me like watching a cover band play my favorite songs and just not quite cutting it! So this is yet another lesson in tolerance for me and time to branch out a bit more musically. I’m really loving the new song by FUN called Some Nights and am gonna keep exploring the newer groups…RIP Uncle Richie and Feat along w you,  I’m sorry but I have to let you both go in order for me to move on.

Chicken Pox Vaccine is Bogus or was for us!



Good Morning and Happy Monday to all! Fall has finally arrived here in Iowa and it’s so refreshing to wake up to the brisk cool air! I’m a hoodie girl and love this time of year!
My 17 year old finally returned to school today after being out for a week with the chicken pox. Yes you read that correctly he had the pox in spite of receiving the immunization as a baby. This is my child who refuses to use public restrooms because he thinks they are full of germs and diseases that you catch just by walking into them. He also of course thinks bathes are like brewing in a pool of your own filth. So last week was very long for us both and oatmeal baths were out of the question! I am a picker and love to pop zits so had to resist holding him down (which would be impossible anyhow being he is bigger than me already) and popping them or playing connect the dots and I spy as they literally appeared in front of my eyes. Poor kid told me he even had them on his ‘ball sack’ which was defined too much information for a mother to hear! Anyhow life is finally getting back to a sense of normal and I am a happy camper once again! Has anyone else had their children get the pox in spite of the vaccination?